Zits hector2
  • The Duncan family:
    • Jeremy: Jeremy is the main character in Zits. He is 15 years old, and is in a band called Goat Cheese Pizza. Speaking of pizza, Jeremy LOVES food.
    • Chad: Chad is Jeremy's older brother. He is rarely seen and lives in College, and comes to visit Jeremy's family sometimes.
    • Walt: Walt is Jeremy's father. He is a fan of the Carpenters band, and is an orthodontist at Duncan Dental.
    • Connie: Connie is Jeremy and Chad's mother. She had an idea to name Chad and Jeremy after a `60's rock group. She is 5'3".
  • Others:
    • Hector Garcia: Hector Garcia has been Jeremy's best friend since the 4th grade. He is part of the band Goat Cheese Pizza.
    • Sara Toomey: Sara Toomey is Jeremy's girlfriend. She has braces, and she also once attempted to make out with Jeremy while she was babysitting.
    • Brittany: Brittany is the high school's 'information pipeline'. Despite the fact that she is good at giving advice, she does have a small but upsetting tendency to "mess with Jeremy and Hector's heads."
    • RichAndAmy: RichAndAmy fell in love early and never broke up. They also NEVER like to be separated. If they are, you don't want to know what the heck happens. They never stop touching. Jeremy secretly wants he and Sara to have a relationship like that of RichAndAmy.
    • Autumn: Autumn is Hector's girlfriend, but Jeremy doesn't like her. She tries to upset him, and is a VERY serious vegetarian.
    • The Posse (Zuma, Redono and LaJolla): The posse girls are like, TOTALLY BFFS like FOREVER! That's all you need to know.
    • Amber: Amber is a girl who has a major crush on Jeremy, and Rich.
    • Tim Olsen: Tim Olsen is A quiet, moody guy, and is a member of Goat Cheese Pizza.
    • Cyrus Burbage: Cyrus is the second guitarist for Goat Cheese Pizza. He is 15, and also works at Duncan Dental.
    • Pierce: Pierce was brought in to replace YA. As the name suggests, he has a whole hunka jewlery on his head. On his nose, ears, tongue, epiglotys, you name it!
    • Lek: Not much is known about Lek, although he apparently shoved Jeremy once.
    • The Van: The Van is an old van that broke down and was given to Jeremy. He and Hector have been trying to fix it. Their dream is to go on a long road trip around the world in it when Jeremy gets his licence at 16.
    • Gingivitis: Gingivitis is Jeremy and Hector's FAVORITE BAND, founded by Thrash and Nigel Molesworth, two English overbite-bearing rock gods.

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